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This blog will chart the progress of my sisterlocks journey (installed 29.07.2007) and may include random social pics here and there. Please be patient with my blog as I usually bulk update 3 months behind althougth sometimes this can change (next updates will be made around Christmas / New Year) Thanks for the comments and visiting. Peace and Blessings x

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I visited my consultant today

The last time I visited my consultant was to take the retightening class and since then with university, the distance and lack of money I haven't been back. But today I wanted to go for a maintenance appointment and to ask a few questions.

My consultant gave me feedback on my hair and I managed to get the answers I needed to continue doing my hair myself. I was slightly taken by surprise that she didn't think my hair was as fab as I thought (and still think lol). In our session she retightened more than half my hair, started a few new locks at the back of my hair. I left with most of my hair retightened and I did the rest of my hair a day or so later.

My consultant gave me the following straight up feedback:
1. My hair is not as she would expect it to be and she can tell I have been maintaining it myself
2. Each lock is not uniform and cylinder like in appearance, some of them being a little bit raggedy
3. A few of my partings have gotten bigger and some locks are not in the original uniform parting pattern (she found a diamond like parting for one of my lock's)

My main questions and answers given my consultant were quite helpful:
1. What could have caused some of my locks to thin in places?
Following the fact that I admitted to not retightening regularly and sometimes have gone 10 weeks, she said that this was the most likely problem. If I retighten regularly the new growth is less likely to start to lock by itself. This seemed to be what my hair has been doing - the new growth locking itself and then when I push the tool through I am not pushing it all the way down into the new growth. She also said that using the nappylocks tool is not the problem, as she saw that some of my locks were cylinder like.

2. What can I change about what my routine to put my hair back in a better condition?
Retighten more often - at least every 3 weeks. This is based on the fact that at 4 weeks I sometimes have to do 2 complete rotations - my hair growing quite quickly. Even better if I have the time to retighten weekly and push the tool through once or twice on each lock this will save time and make errors less likely. In addition I was told to make return regular visits every 6 months so that she could check over my hair.
3. What can I do about the lint in my hair?
I was not told to dye my hair as an excuse to get rid of lint, she suggested picking it out and that my lint is not that noticeable.
4. When should I groom my hair?
A.S.A.P. I was told that my hair needed grooming as I have stray hairs sticking out of most of my locks. She suggested I see herself or at least a trainee sisterlocks consultant and not do this myself as there have been clients who have lost locks due to being a bit too snappy with the scissors.
5. What are your final tips?
Do not spend all day doing your hair, fit it around your life and maintain it regularly. Most of all do not worry so much about your hair (I am guilty of worrying about my hair allot).
6. What would you say if I said I cannot see anything majorly wrong with my hair?
Although your hair isn't in the condition I would have it if you came to me, as long as you are happy with it then that is the main thing. As you are self-maintaining your hair you are more at risk of mistakes happening.

What is my feedback on the feedback:
I really appreciated my consultant's honest feedback but I will still continue to maintain my hair myself, however I will see her for a check-up once in a while. I continue to love my hair and have made a pledge to retighten my hair every 3 weeks.

I washed my hair the same day of my appointment and these are pictures following my hair wash: