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This blog will chart the progress of my sisterlocks journey (installed 29.07.2007) and may include random social pics here and there. Please be patient with my blog as I usually bulk update 3 months behind althougth sometimes this can change (next updates will be made around Christmas / New Year) Thanks for the comments and visiting. Peace and Blessings x

Monday, 30 June 2008

I'm not losing a drop of this stuff!

As part of my packing preparation to move into a new home I had to make sure everything that was breakable was tightly wrapped. This included my Aveda Sap Moss even though I am sure it could survive the journey any little movement and warmth has lead to the pump seeping vital shampoo out. So I thought of this idea of wrapping it up. Unfortunately some of the shampoo still came out of the pump but not as much as I thought! Lol.

Sunday, 29 June 2008

The end of June - needed to be in a dark room

The last two pics were taken with the lights off in the bathroom, just thought I would test my cameras light and flash! Random I know!



Sunday, 8 June 2008

Wash / Dry and 2nd retightening with Napplocs Tool

Here are pics on the day following washing my hair and the day after once my hair was fully dried prior to retightening. As I promised myself I began retightening my hair with the Napplocs tool on 8 June after slightly over 3 weeks and finished in 4 days. I did go past 10 hours I know that. I'm finding I'm slow and have maybe 10 minutes going fast before I get bored.

I've decided to see if it will work better to pull through the tool in one way each week to cut down the timeframe of doing my hair. As next time I won't be doing a full rotation I'll make sure to leave a little bit of regrowth so my hair lays properly. I'll be writing down where I need to start from each time, although my feel for the insertion points are getting better.

What else have I noticed?: The micro size tool does fit but I have lost some of the budding knots at the end of my locks when pulling through the tool due to the tight squeeze. I'll try and combat this by not retightening so close to the root for those ones and being gentle with the pull-through. The small size is just a little too big to use for now. Another thing I noticed when retightening hair to the front is that even if I end at a 12 at the front instead of a 12 at the side, my hair still lays properly with partings on either side and isn't in my face so much.

Hair damp:

Hair dry:

Friday, 6 June 2008

Party on - exams are O-V-E-R

Very pleased exams are over and I can enjoy my summer, I’ll get a job soon, but for these past few weeks I’ve just been enjoying free time. These pics are of me at two different club nights, I had a fab time, it was hard saying goodbye to all my friends jetting off back home.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Most wanted – a dog: still on my mind

I’ve always wanted a chocolate Labrador ever since seeing two puppies in a pet shop near my school. Unfortunately living in a flat and having a Mum who is scared as hell of dogs doesn’t help so I gave up on the begging. Now an independent adult, I may get one in the future once uni is over and I’m settled.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Most embarrassing moment – black out

Sometimes I really have to thing hard about something embarrassing that has happened to me. I don’t drink so this means embarrassing moments are pretty low. However there was one time where I was in Dixons rushing to get a really good deal on a portable CD Player after work. This was a few years back but I still remember it. The counter was really bright, with lights shining down on all the gadgets distracting me as the sales assistant explained all the features of this one particular player. I was sold, really wanted it but felt slightly out of it standing at the display counter as he was answering my question. The next thing I know I’m in a new location, sitting on a sofa in the far side of the store with a glass of water and someone asking if I am all right. I say yes, I’m fine and ask what happened. The sales assistant tells me that I just blacked out and luckily someone caught me, and if I feel well enough to leave or sit f or a few minutes. I say I’ll sit for a few minutes and drink the water, feeling really embarrassed. I get up eventually, buy my CD player and swiftly get the train home. I’ve never fainted before (and never since touchwood), and I really am convinced it was due to lack of food, and those bright spotlights bouncing off the glass cabinets!

I still got that CD Player though lol.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Strobe lightening anyone?.

I couldn’t resist I was waiting on my friend in a changing room and decided to make use of the ultra bright light, kinda cool I thought.