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This blog will chart the progress of my sisterlocks journey (installed 29.07.2007) and may include random social pics here and there. Please be patient with my blog as I usually bulk update 3 months behind althougth sometimes this can change (next updates will be made around Christmas / New Year) Thanks for the comments and visiting. Peace and Blessings x

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Various shots and new year blog-a-log thoughts

When the sun comes out so does my camera - my hair does look quite dry. I think this is something I will conquer in time with the right product. I've also noticed that I can only get my hair into a pony with one really stretched out thin hairband - I have one so far lol.

Also with the New Year closing in I have decided to just take pics when I see a change in my hair, if its an anniversity or if I am going out. This will mean fewer blog posts but more noticeable changes I hope in future.

Pics taken 26/12/08:

The two at the back are newly joined and the one at the front is where I accidently joined two together a while ago:

Pic taken 31/12/08:

Getting ready to quickly curl hair then go out to party the new year away.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hair all done

Finally I did things slightly backward, I retightened in slow motion taking just over a week to perfect about 1 1/2 inches of re-growth. I nearly lost it at one point when I 'lost' my nappylocks tool... luckly I recovered this while crawling on a wooden floor. Usuall I wash my hair before retightening but this time I washed my hair first, retightened and a week later conditioner washed for the first time since having sisterlocks. What I have learnt is that my hair cannot take a softening conditioner yet (but I still love me some Aveda Sap Moss). The conditioner loosened some of my more locked ends reverting them to tight coils and my hair was not as moisturised as I expected. Luckily the middle of my hair downwards didn't get so saturated in the conditioner so my ends are locking more there.

I won't leave retightening this long again, some of my locks loosened to about half the length so I had to spend time putting them back, luckily the ends were sealed. I also have joined around 3 locks which are on the thin side - I wanted to do more but for now this will do.

The only thing I'll need to find out more about is moisturising my hair - I have tried the daily water spritz, the every other day oil (lavender or jojoba or olive oil) and water mix but this just dries out. Even my trusty organic root stimulator olive oil moisturizer is no match(and I used this as a staple product before SL) . For now I have found that a mist for afros just about does my hair some good - Sta Sof Fro Hair Spray with Oil Sheen. This is to coat the length of my locks (avoiding the ends), for my scalp I still am okay with the medicated cocois.

Pics taken following wash with conditioner:

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A long long time since retightening

Here is a shot of my hair when I had no time or energy to retighten (after having a flu virus). Its been about 12 weeks at a guess. My hair went through quite a dry faze and not even water could sort it out. This is my first winter with sisterlocks so I am guessing the weather may not be helping and I need to up the moisture. I finally got around to retightening my hair which took over one week.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

After friends B'day Party look

Here are some pictures of my hair after dancing the night away - note it may seem longer as I had cainrowed it for the night then let it free when I made it home in the morning.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Do not be late for a coach - lesson learnt

Ok so coach travel sucks but hey its dead cheap - if your on time! Unfortunately I missed my coach and there was no where to really wait apart from inside the coach station. For the next hour I had to contend with cooing pigeons with war looking injuries, flapping around and generally making themselves at home on the seats that people sit on. Ok so you know I had to take a picture right, and incase you do not know I DO NOT LIKE PIGEONS! Lol

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Roti day

Today I did a bonding session with my Mum and we attempted to make Roti from an age old receipe. We put split peas in it as thats how we like it! It turned out okay - it tasted better the next day and we know that next time more split peas will be needed!

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Style out of a mistakeI

I was just doing my hair as normal then got carried away and decided to do something different. It was one hairstyle that merged into another and here is the result, I dunno if it works but I thought it was different lol.

Hair wash and dry plus style

Pictures span over 2 days from washing my hair to drying to styling. My partings need some work and I lost 2 locks at the back!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

My SL Journey Video Months 0-12

I have never gotten around to doing comparision shots so here is a 30 second video for you to enjoy. I see some difference but it's not that major - or is it? lol

It's my HAIR Anniversary - 1 YEAR


For my hair anniversary the sun came out and I began to snap lots of pics randomly after washing my hair. I didn't really do anything hair related apart from the hair wash.

I just relaxed and appreciated my hair. I note that my hair isn't perfect but it's getting there.

Whats good:
* No longer having to braid and and when washing
* My hair getting thicker, the ends of some of my locks are beginning to seal
* Knowing what to put in my hair and knowing how it will react

Whats bad and how I intend to conquer it:
* Some locks at the back of my neck are too thin for the hair back there which is not as thick as the middle. This has seen some lost locks from most of the bottom row.
The solution: I'll combine my locks very soon just by the regrowth leaving some two headed dragons. I'll combine maybe two rows from the back and one or two rows at my temple area. I'll leave one row with the small micro sized locks near my temple area at the front of my head.
* Dandruff mainly at the front of my hair which has been controlled but sometimes gets a bit flaky.
The solution: I have two spray bottles one with water and the other with lavender and water where either one is used every day depending on my hair. Also I still use cocois (cold tar solution) on the very occasion when the dandruff does not disappear quickly.

What I want to do in my second year:
* Continue to love my hair and make retightenings faster and more scheduled.
* Dye my hair a vibrant red colour but before doing so taking every precaution so as not to damage my locks.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Carnival Rotterdam

Here are a pics from the Rotterdam Carnival. It was so nice to go again. The people, the hugh breakfasts and fresh juice really did me wonders. I found they put so much effort into making the costumes as you'll see from these pics.