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This blog will chart the progress of my sisterlocks journey (installed 29.07.2007) and may include random social pics here and there. Please be patient with my blog as I usually bulk update 3 months behind althougth sometimes this can change (next updates will be made around Christmas / New Year) Thanks for the comments and visiting. Peace and Blessings x

Thursday, 10 September 2009

The contrast of different hands

Usually I do not let anyone get too deep into my hair when touching it, but after experiencing someone really caress my hair and like it, I may not be so quick to not allow this in future. I was slightly shocked as guys are not usually good with touching afro hair in my my experience Lol.

Anyways onto a different scenario, I felt my hair was dry today, so knowing my Gran would have a really honest funny reaction I asked her to tell me if she felt my hair was dry. Oh how I wish I never asked as she immediately grabbed a big bunch of my hair and began scrunching away roughly. Her verdict was my hair was way too crispy so I put some spritz in it. I doubt I'll ask my Gran to touch my hair anytime soon, it brought me right back to the days when she used to do my hair - ouch Lol.
Not only did she say my hair was too dry but she started saying why can I see partings in your hair and that I better not be losing my hair. I did reassure her by saying that I recently retightened my hair and that due to my hair texture at the front the partings are most likely to show!

Oh please ignore the dates on the actual pictures - they are wrong and will be corrected for future pics.

Pic showing my hair looking a bit dishevelled after moisturizing it:

Pics showing my new baby locks inserted by platting them and then to assure they do not come out putting some thick elastic bands around them. I know this may lead to a longer locking process, but I will be retightening these weekly so that they do not tangle with the elastic bands.

Pic showing the front partings of my hair:

Pics showing the front of my hair - the front two locks where one was the result of twisting a broken lock around another healthier one (the one on your right):

Random pics:

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